Why House of Hadassah

Some have asked “Why House of Hadassah”? Why is this necessary? Well let’s take a trip down memory lane!

Remember when you were 18 years old and your future was opening out in front of you and you could not wait to make life happen. If you had parents who were able to, a way was made for you to study further and get established for success in your future. Life was good. Support was there when you needed it but freedom to explore the potential of your future was your everyday adventure.

Well for so many in our country that is not the opportunity they can look forward to and for the young people who don’t have families and have grown up in the Social Welfare system 18 the scariest age to be. The protection you have been under for many years is abruptly stopped and you are given a large door to walk through into a future with absolutely no support, no home, no money and no-one to turn to. These young people are called “Aged out” of the system. What do they do now? Where do they go? How can they fulfill a dream that has been inside them throughout all the trauma they have already been through?

Do they just give in and go back to the desperate circumstances they were rescued from or do they fight their way, anyway they can to get money to survive. Are the streets where they will live or will someone give them a hand and help them make the dreams of their future come true?

That is where House of Hadassah comes in and YOU our sponsors and friends can make the difference. House of Hadassah gives those who want to make something of their futures and dream,s an opportunity and the support they need until they are really equipped and ready to “FLY”.

Will you help us? A monthly donation of any amount all adds up to something great or a onetime donation is wonderful. Donate now and reap the reward of a large smile on many faces including your own heart.

Look at the website for more ideas or contact us at info@houseofhadassah.org.za

Thank you.

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