What We Do

House of Hadassah provides a home, in the real sense of the word, a safe place for girls who are no longer eligible for inclusion in children’s homes. This functions as a stepping stone for these girls to find their feet, and launching pad into a successful adult world. Firstly equipping them with life skills and coping mechanisms and then by helping them become part of the solution to the social and family problems of our land.

At House of Hadassah, in-house opportunities, life coaching and mentoring are provided for each girl so they can be trained, supported and provided with the practical knowledge and inner resources for managing their personal lives, their emotions, dealing with interpersonal relationships and making positive life choices. This happens through group as well as individual sessions and is overseen by the Head of Psychological and Mental Wellness.We refer to this process as “prehabilitation” rather than have them make mistakes or wrong choices and then need “rehabilitation”.

Learning Opportunities   Life Skills

Homemakers Skills
Aptitude Testing
Tertiary education within job related areas
Interpersonal relations and skills
Personal Grooming
Interview Skills
Customer relations
Driving Skills
Basic Computer Literacy
Financial wisdom and Budgeting


Understanding yourself
Vision and Planning
Finding significance and Self Worth
Dealing with conflic tand Forgiveness
Truth Honesty and Integrity
Problem Solving
Study and Learning skills
Time management
Communication skills
Authority, Leadership and Responsibility