How you can Help

How You Can Help page

House of Hadassah can currently be supported through sponsorship of the following:

  • Winter clothes
  • Driving lessons
  • Lounge and bedroom curtains – Complete thank you
  • Two Computers – Done thank you
  • Linen, Towels and Kitchen Appliances
  • Washing Machine (Received with joy thanks) and Small fridge
  • Gardening equipment
  • Painting and renovation of one bathroom

For long term involvement House of Hadassah in looking for partnering in the following:

  • Offering or sponsoring training courses and university fees
  • Offering employment to the girls once they are trained
  • Monthly financial support for the project (internet connection, security services)
  • Monthly donation of toiletries, household requirements, food etc
  • Monthly donation of Pool Chemicals

House of Hadassah is also wanting to purchase the property next door so that we can expand our operations and assist more young girls.Contact  for more information.

Current Sponsors:

Gear Holdings
Storm Machinery
Battery Centre Wynberg
Lamb of God Ministries

Please support House of Hadassah